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What is Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program?

Vexanium DApps Competition is a DApps (Decentralized Applications) Development Competition organized by Vexanium Foundation to invite the best blockchain developers and enthusiasts to build their own dream DApps through Vexanium Blockchain Technology.


Winners Prizes

There will be a total of 1 million VEX for 6th winners :

1st Prize : 350.000 VEX

2st Prize : 250.000 VEX

3st Prize : 100.000 VEX

4st Prize : 50.000 VEX

5st Prize : 30.000 VEX

6st Prize : 20.000 VEX

Special Prize :

Best Idea                    : 100.000 VEX

Best UI / UX               : 100.000 VEX

Best Code Structure : 100.000 VEX


What You Need To Know

  1. Application: 17.July.2019 (00:00 GMT+7) - 31.July.2019 (23:59 GMT+7) Please submit the application form ( You need to fill in your team name, team contact, and the idea of the project.
  2. DApp submission deadline: 1.August.2019 (00:00 GMT+7) - 15.August.2019 (23:59 GMT+7) Click to submit the submission form. You need to submit a one-page proposal of your DApp, a simple pitch deck, source code, project link and whitepaper (optional).
  3. DApp internal review: 26.August.2019 - 30.August.2019
  4. Result Announcement: 6.September.2019 (GMT+7 21:00) Results will be announced via Vexanium Blog, and winners will be contacted separately.
All DApps will be judged by the following criteria:
  1. Project Idea: The originality and creativity of the idea.
  2. Code Quality: Every submitted DApp will require a Github with all necessary codes.
  3. Development Documentation (Optional): Whitepaper, general DApp documentation & roadmap (the future potential of the projects).
App Categories
  1. Games
  2. Social
  3. Financial (DEX, lending etc.)
  4. Video (streaming, renting)
  5. Communication
  6. eCommerce
  7. Data Storage
  8. Media
Instructions for Participants
  1. The DApp project submitted should not be released until the date of the result announcement.
  2. The entry of works won in other contests is prohibited. Such teams will be automatically disqualified.
  3. We do not limit the number of projects submitted by a single team.
  4. Individuals cannot duplicate the project of the team.
  5. The participant owns the copyright of the projects submitted in this competition.
  6. It is prohibited to infringe the copyrights (typography, images, etc) of others, or to accept plagiarism and surrogacy without permission of the copyright owner, and the participant (team) has all responsibility for the occurrence of related disputes such as portrait right violations.
  7. Entries must be able to run on the web (Windows browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) or mobile os (iOS, Android).
  8. Responsibility for the follow-up management of the selected works belongs to the participant. The winning works must be up and running for at least six months after being registered on Vexanium blockchain network.


Submit your idea now and we wish you the best of luck VEX Partners!

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